04 giugno 2007

Magari non sempre e solo con le bombe: ma ad avercene che parlano così in italiano.

Tony Blair:
"It is said that by removing Saddam or the Taliban—regimes that were authoritarian but also kept a form of order—the plight of Iraqis and Afghans has worsened and terrorism has been allowed to grow. This is a seductive but dangerous argument. Work out what it really means. It means that because these reactionary and evil forces will fight hard, through terrorism, to prevent those countries and their people getting on their feet after the dictatorships are removed, we should leave the people under the dictatorship. It means our will to fight for what we believe in is measured by our enemy's will to fight us, but in inverse proportion".
"There is nothing more ridiculous than the attempt to portray “democracy” or “freedom” as somehow “Western” concepts which, mistakenly, we try to apply to nations or peoples to whom they are alien. There may well be governments to whom they are alien. But not peoples. Whoever voted to get rid of democracy? Or preferred secret police to freedom of speech?
These values are universal. We should attack the ideology of the extremists with confidence: their reactionary view of the state; their refusal to let people prosper in peace; their utterly regressive views on women. We should condemn not just their barbaric methods of terrorism, but in particular attack their presumed sense of grievance against the West. We need to support and help mobilise moderate and true Islam in doing so. There is nothing more absurd than the idea that removing the Taliban in Afghanistan, or Saddam and his sons in Iraq, and replacing their regimes with the chance to vote, supervised by the UN, is somehow an assault on Muslims"
Camillo, the Economist


  • Fino al '99, con il famoso discorso di Chicago, Blair mantenne quasi un distacco dalla visione dei rapporti internazionali dell'amministrazione Bush. Al primato della potenza americana Blair contrapponeva il multilateralismo, il diritto internazionale e la governance globale. Con la guerra in Iraq (io sono sceso in piazza)ho cambiato molto la mia opinione su Blair vedendo la sua adesione acritica al presidente americano. E' sicuramente una figura da studiare in maniera approfondita, riconoscendogli, con maturità, pregi e difetti.

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