22 ottobre 2006

Saul Williams, Wine.

The new wine is dying on the vine
how much must you age before you're ageless?
align yourself with the divine
allow your inner sage to burn your rage less
'cause I find you're testaments of time
there is no space for time within your mind
if your looking for yourself, yourself you'll find
through the crystal of your spirit you'll inherit the divine
you are God, you best believe
don't waste your time down on your knees
it's everybody for themselves
you have the fire and the cross
don't save your soul it's sour loss
collective soul, collective well

Now do you know how I feel tonight?
Now can't you see I'm surreal tonight?
See how I shine I'm a star, yeah
Now do you know who you are, yeah?

I'm that atonement son
that's like a bible and gun
pea-cocked and ready aimin' steady as a ray of the sun
my ammunition, intuition, full eclipse of my lung
son, you could never guess what planet I'm from
my emcee name is my birth name, my first name
alias is all of us, soul of us, the fall of us
to surely come when we deny it
loudest nigga gets quiet
prison of pieces of riot
sell your soul if you wanna, but that don't mean I'mma buy it
see I've been conscious of your nonsense
they imprints have been quiet
and I ain't gonna lie it
be to hard to deny it
I ain't from your block and never had to deal with your shit
never had a glock never kept it real with no bit
and when I saw a nigga like you, son I practically hit
'cause you did what you did and I wasn't the kid
don't give a fuck now, I be the first one to playa hate
the eye of the needle set the record straight
and I retire late, retire late, retaliate, retaliate
and I be fishin' on that same star you be wishin' on
make you move son, you know the mission's on
so never question who I am, God knows
and I know God personally
in fact he lets me call him me
in fact he lets me call him me

I can recite the grass on the hill and memorize the moon
I know the cloudforms of love by heart
and have brought tears to the eye of a storm
and my memory banks vaults of forests and amazon river banks
and i've screamed them into sunsets that echo in earthquakes
shadows have been my spotlight as I monologue the night and dialogue with days
soliloquies of wind and breeze applauded by sun rays
we put language in zoos to observe caged thought
and tossed peanuts and p-funk at intellect
and motherfuckers think these are metaphors
i speak what I see
all words and worlds are metaphors of me
my life was authored by the moon
footprints written in soil
the fountain pen of martian men
novelling human toil
and yes, the soil speaks highly of me
but earth seeds root me poet-tree
now, maybe i'm too serious
too little here to matter
though i'm riddled with the reason of the sun
i stand up comets with the audience of lungs
this body of laughter is it with me or at me?
hue more or less though gender's mute
and the punch line has this lifeline at it's root
i'm a star this life's the suburbs, I commute


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