04 marzo 2006

Men of golden words

Green River+Soundgarden
80' Seattle bands making huges sounds. Friends one+all with similiar intrests+a genuine respect for each other.
Chris+Matt did thing that amazed.
Stone+Jeff and viceversa.
Life was beginning.
They mad many common friends, one being
musicians/enterteiner freddie prodigy.

Andrew Wood.
Who lived with Chris, worked with Jeff,
played in occasional acoustic set with Stone.
Green river broke up. Andrew joined Stone+Jeff.
...Mother Love Bone.
Life was great.
Soundgarden makes record, toured, rocked hard, flourished.
Mother Love Bone made records, was on the verge of...
And we all lost our beautiful friends, Andrew.
The rest of us hung. Told stories. Helped each other. Laughed. Cried.
Life was confusing.
Chiris wrote two amazing songs about Andy. (Say hello to haven, Reach down) asked Stone+jeff+Matt 2 record them. Yes.
Life moves on.
We jammed, guitar wizard, master of animal sounds, Mike came by, we did coffee. Carcass-less meals with cyclops, and drunk with septiem+ the other gods.
Music flowed, we got excited, played a show,
wrote more songs+ reeled in a 10 pounder. a good way.
10 songs. Spontaneus. Creation. Emotion. Very Pleasing. Real music. No analyzing. No pressure. No hype.
Just music. To make music.
Friends and a reason. Chemistry beauty.
Life rules!


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